Workshop 1


"The (re-)integration of the health-impaired: what can (and what should) labor market policy do?" (Dr. Thomas Leoni, MA)

 After a short presentation, the workshop will be held as a joint discussion regarding the questions of how people with health impairments or workers who have been away from the workplace for a longer period of time can be (re-)integrated into the labor market. The presentation will show practical examples; including the model of a part-time reintegration period, which has just been introduced by the Austrian government.


Thomas Leoni, born 1975, works as a research assistant at the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO) in the field of "Labor market, income and social security" since 2005. He got degrees from the University of Bologna (Philosophy), Johns Hopkins University (European Studies) and Vienna University of Economics (Economics). His research is focused on questions of the design of the welfare state and health in the working world. Thomas Leoni has been teaching at various Austrian universities and is currently lecturing at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administrations.


Workshop 2 (FULLY BOOKED!)


"Inclusion of persons with impaired mental health in the workplace of the future - opportunities, challenges and solutions." (Univ. Doz. Dr. Spiel, Mag. Markus Schwab)

A good fit between the qualities and abilities of a person and the requirements of work is the basis for a job that’s seen as meaningful and has a positive impact. Recent studies on the changes of the working environment 4.0 and its impacts on mental health comes to the conclusion, that this applies equally to persons with and without impairment of mental health. The results of the studies are presented as a basis for the following discussions in the workshop. Additionally, first approaches for the inclusion of persons suffering from autism-spectrum-disorder are presented and discussed. Workshop participants should work out opportunities, identify possible dangers and develop solutions.


Univ.-Doz. Dr. Georg Spiel, specialist in neurology, neuropsychiatry, psychiatry and children and youth psychiatry as well as psychotherapist, is the founder and chairman of “pro mente kinder jugend und familie” as well as chairman of “pro mente research” and “pro mente kärnten” (Carinthia). He worked in senior positions in hospitals in Austria and abroad. He taught and researched at several universities.


Mag. Markus Schwab is a research associate of pro mente research and studies public health at the Medical University of Vienna. His work focuses on the design and support of evaluations in health.



Workshop 3


"Networking and cooperation through transnational partnership" (Gafiuc Petru-Vasile)

During the workshop the participants will have the possibility to discuss and focus on transnational cooperation through projects financed by the European Commission. It will be presented some best practices of joining projects between SFE CEFEC members and other experts, with presentation of the objective, partnership, results and description of the call, after it will be a short introduction on the frame of EU funds and possibility of cooperation among different institutions and of course a brainstorming of ideas for future projects. Will attend a great range of organizations interested in European Social Fund, ERASMUS, INTERREG Programs, EEA Grants and others opportunities of funds with possibility to apply in the nearest future calls with support and technical coordination provided by SFE CEFEC Secretariat.


Petru-Vasile Gafiuc - General Secretary of Social Firms Europe - CEFEC, 38 years, from Suceava Romania, Graduated of the Faculty of Low and Master Degree in Management for Adult Education Institutions, with 15 years expertise in adult education, social economy, social inclusion of vulnerable groups and human rights. Found and institutional development expert of several adult education NGOs umbrella from Romania, Ukraine and Republic of Moldova. Since 2007 he is an active member of SFE CEFEC and executive since 2012, the year when he was the chair man of 25th Social Firms Europe-CEFEC Conference. From 2005 he was working closely with Pro mente OO in the process of deinstitutionalization of psychiatric systems in Eastern Europe, promoting the concepts of Club House, Lifelong Learning trainings, occupational therapy and social economy as a tool for social inclusion of vulnerable groups. Also he implemented many EU projects financed by European Social Fund in the field of professional rehabilitation of people with disabilities, roma people and youngsters at the risk, supporting the networking and sharing of experiences between experts from all Europe.


Workshop 4


"Social firms (enterprises) in digital economies – (an interplay of) needs and requirements (research and practice insights, and involvement of those affected)" (Mag. Martin Böhm, Barbara Stiglbauer, Gerti Niedl)

The workshop starts with the presentation of the results of the study "Social firms in digital economies - Needs and Requirements", which was done in the pro mente OÖ work branch. After that, questions regarding the services provided by vocational rehabilitation for people with mental and social problems are discussed. Additional, Gerti Niedl, the Head of Strada OÖ (the peer-Organization for People with Mental Disorders) will expand the perspective of those affected.


Martin Böhm (born 1977), is a research associate with the pro mente OÖ. He studied sociology at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz and is a qualified pedagogue for disabled persons. Since 2009, he’s a lecturer for social care services of CMB Linz (human sciences, social psychiatry, traineeship accompaniment) and various other lectures.


Barbara Stiglbauer (born 1986), is an assistant professor at the Department of Psychology of Labor, Organizations and Media of the Johannes Kepler University Linz. She studied psychology at the University of Salzburg and is trained as a clinical psychologist, as well as a working psychologist. Since 2009, she does various research and teaching activities.


Gerti Niedl, pro mente OÖ since 1995. Speaker of those affected since 2003, head of strada OÖ (representative organization of users) since 2015.

Workshop 5


"The future of social firms - exchange of experiences and best-practice" (Moderation: Erwin Kargl, MSc)

A brief presentation of various best practice examples of social enterprises or projects (15min. max per company/project) is followed by a discussion on how fit are social companies for the future, and what the crucial challenges among the expected future conditions would be, in order to work out a general strategy for the future. Registration for a presentation of best-practice projects or companies is possible at